EMDC Winter Event

15 February 2012 - Sintra

After traveling around the Europe, I have eventually arrived to Lisbon. There was an EMDC event at Sintra that I should attend. I was excited since it would be gathering whole actors of this program. Some guys from previous batch, guys from Barcelona and Lisbon tracks and of course professors and some invited speakers were there.

Sintra was great place to have such an event. Meeting fellow EMDC-ers and talking, getting tips from seniors was another activity I enjoyed very much. Moreover, we had some scientific talks about Distributed Computing, how to write master’s thesis, etc. Another presentation was given about Stockholm, Sweden and KTH where we will be studying one semester.

One thing I really liked was, seniors wore t-shirts while they were giving presentation and the tagline was

“no tagline yet, still running paxos

maybe I will use it in this blog as a tagline.